Our Vision

As a church, we commit our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establishing on earth the Kingdom / Community of God.

In its ultimate expression, the Community of God will be the fellowship of all creation living in the fullness of divine liberty and justice.

It will be one world of many people in which we affirm and celebrate all races, ethnicities, sexual-orientations, and gender identities.

All bodies will be recognized as holy and worthy of love.

A person’s value will not be determined by their ability to labor or produce because we understand that each of us possesses an inherent value as children of God.

There will be neither caste nor class, nor any vestige of economic or social inequality.

Because poverty will have been destroyed and every shackle of oppression shattered, each of us will enjoy the freedom necessary to create meaning and beauty for our lives together.

Thus, love shall reign forever.